Client: Private For Residential
Location: Cherry Hills Village, Denver, Colorado
Project Status: In Progress
Architects: Ruggles Mabe Terrell

This residence was an estate purchased for the beauty of the existing landscape,which rests alongside the expanse of a golf course in Cherry Hills Village. The existing architecture is undergoing a complete remodel by Ruggles Mabe Terrell Architecture, connoisseurs of traditional architecture. Keeping in tune with the aesthetic, we’ve aligned ourselves with the traditional form to design a landscape with arcs and geometry that pulls directly from the architectural layout, almost as if to appear that the architecture and accompanying landscape were designed by a single entity. Per the client’s request, the landscape includes a large swimming pool, lounge terraces, shade structures, lush planting zones, open fields, and an auto court in the entry. A challenging aspect of this site lies in the relationship to the golf course. The client wants to enjoy the views while simultaneously protecting the people in the backyard from fly-away golf balls. Screening methods have been incorporated into the plans to accommodate the challenge.

In preparation for a second phase that will occur across the road on a currently vacant lot owned by the client, we have participated in the demolition process of the existing architecture in order to salvage pieces of stone and timber to incorporate into the spectator seating area of a proposed volleyball court, as well as equipment for a children’s natural play area.

Design Elements

· Terraces
· Planting Beds
· Shade Structures
· Privacy and Protection From Golf Course
· Open Grass Areas
· Auto Court


· Schematic Design
· Design Development
· Construction Documents
· Collaboration With Architects
· Construction Administration

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