Client: Private For Residential
Location: Pitkin County, Colorado
General Contractor: Silich Construction
Project Status: Completion of Phase 1

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This site, located on an existing landscape otherwise known as Rocky Mountain paradise, is lush with the Roaring Fork River, lakes, mountain peaks, and boulder outcroppings. We were asked to carry out two major tasks for this project. The first task involved modifying the design of an existing deck that epitomized outdoor living and was to include a shaded dining area for 20-30 people. This area was to be close to an outdoor kitchen, a central fire feature and two shaded lounging areas, all of which needed uninterrupted views of the mountains. The second task requested of us was to explore swimming pool designs that were tucked away but still maintained mountain views. A major challenge introduced into our design came about when we were asked to design a fire feature that was child friendly but easy to access, and that also managed to respond to the fluctuating wind directions. The result was a custom built fire place with a flu and steel panel wind deflectors, with a fire opening that had wire mesh curtains and was surrounded by a detached bench that was deep enough to hinder a small child from reaching the fire opening. Ultimately, the design offered clean lines with a maintained character true to the mountain-rustic appeal, and no planting scheme whatsoever.

Design Elements

· Outdoor Kitchen
· Fire Feature
· Pergola Mounted Retractable Awnings


· Concept Design through Construction Administration