Heather Henry

Her clients will tell you that nothing gets by her. We think that’s because she is a world-class soccer goalie. While she could’ve become a professional soccer player, fortunately for us, the WUSA went bankrupt and her fall-back was landscape architecture.

She put down her balls, picked up a pencil and now she channels the leadership, communication and teamwork she honed as a championship goalie to move Connect One Design down the field.

Heather’s background in sustainable design has taken her all over North America spearheading projects that strive to solve social, environmental and economic issues. Her clients have included public, quasi-public, non-profit, and private sector groups seeking out-of-the-plastic bag type approaches to vastly complex problems. Heather is an award winning planner, accomplished speaker and trained facilitator with over fifteen years of landscape architecture and land planning experience. Used to playing to a crowd, she is attentive and effective throughout public and political processes.

While we could never compete against her in kickball (or competitive wood splitting for that matter) we are glad she is on our team making every project that she is involved with a winning one.

“Well behaved women seldom make history.”
– Laurel Thatcher Ulrich